Wednesday, February 29, 2012

House of the Week 133: Cove Way

Located on Sentosa Island in Singapore the residence named by its siting along Cove Way, was designed by architects Bedmar & Shi. Two thick, heavy and rough stone walls define and ground the front entrance of the house under the dappled shadows created by the large over-hanging timber trellised canopy.
Recalling somewhat the stone walled buildings in his native Argentina, Ernesto Bedmar is able with this project to redefine and modernize his tropical language and spatial organization while still echoing traditions of craft of the region.
The sequence of circulation of the house, punctuated by full story voids, gradually reveal space after space, with dramatic transitions of light and shadow, and enclosure and release - opening the entire "sourthern" facade framing views of the marina.

Monday, February 27, 2012

blog wunderlust : 27th February 2012

If we would lay a new foundation for urban life, we must understand the historic nature of the city
Lewis Mumford

Urville: An Autistic Savant’s Remarkable Imaginary City, 20 Years in the Making | Anywhere working: Finding the office of the future | Lib at Large: Frank Lloyd Wright's long lost Marin dog house | Any Sufficiently Advanced Civilization is Indistinguishable from Nature | Private, Public, or Common: Who Owns Space? | RIP: Luis Mansilla | Bauhaus-Style Collages Prevail in 2012 Gensler Brinkmann Scholarship Competition | How A Tiny Central American Country Is Getting Richer And Saving The Environment

last word: Chinese Architect Wang Shu Awarded 2012 Pritzker Prize

Friday, February 24, 2012

For the Love of Architecture

A submission for the website architecture for humanity, For the Love of Architecture

I.M. Pei - Building China Modern

PBS documentary on I.M. Pei as he returns to his ancestral home of Suzhou, China to build a modern museum in the city’s oldest neighborhood which is populated by historic structures from the Ming and Qing dynasties.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

On the Boards : Balneary Centre

Located amongst the natural salty springs in Persani Village, Romania is the Balneary Centre designed by architects ArchVision Studio. The community was desirous of developing a large scale relaxation, health and rejuvenation facility in this rural area, offering spin off social, economical and cultural development of the whole territory.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Name: Drake Name of Tour: Club Paradise Tour Describe your team in three words: Loyal, honest, hungry. What is your favorite memory so far of working with this team of individuals? We spend each day creating new memories…so my fondest is always the most recent. Where is the strangest place you’ve ever performed? In a barnyard full of horseshit. What is the most fun part of touring? Having a great crowd that just wants to sing loud and go hard. What is the hardest part of your touring? Staying healthy. Is there anyone not pictured who is integral to making your show happen? My entire band and production team and all my fans. Do you have any lucky charms? Jimi Hendrix Live at Woodstock on DVD. I always have it looping on my bus just to remind myself no matter what, you can always turn your situation into a great show. What are your pre-show rituals? Vocal warm-up, prayer, and a shot of Henny. What are some of your essential backstage items? Any special food or beverage? Listerine spray, chicken dishes, fresh clothes. If you could play anywhere, where would it be? Toronto. What is the biggest misconception about being backstage or on the road? That it’s not everything it’s cracked up to be…’cause it is.


House of the Week 132: Casa Paredes Tres Ocho

Designed by Mexican Architect Hernandez Silva, Casa Parades Tres Ocho in Tlajomulco de Zúñiga, Mexico. The two-story tropical moderne residence attempts to veil itself from the climatically harsh and public exterior. The house utilizes different textures and materials in their natural state - concrete, glass, wood, lava stone and water, to create varying levels of transparencies. Internally, spaces are linked by two circulation spines that cross over large voids within the large container.

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